“Sometimes it’s not the people who change, it’s the mask that falls off.”
My name is Monica,
just your awkward,
hyper, 21 year old
from New York City.
My blog consists of
Han Geng and K-POP.


Siwon and Han Geng
2007: Newly-debuted boyband members trying to promote in China
2014: Individually invited guests at Jackie Chan’s birthday party in Beijing


I’m surprised Siwon and Han Geng didn’t greet each other this way when they met up again. 


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“Life is short, time is fast. No replays, no rewinds. So just enjoy every moments you have and make the best out of it.”

- (via ohlovequotes)


Han Geng & Siwon shake hands and bump into each other…

greatest photo of han geng ever.
your argument is invalid.


Jongup immediately regretting doing gwiyomi.

I’m having a great hair day plus, great lighting in my room so a selca it is ^^~

me: *wakes up*
me: wheres my phone
me: *rips off blankets*
me: *hears loud thud*
me: there it is

It is a mystery on how Zelo survived as long as he did. 

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