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Han Geng
My name is Monica, just your awkward, hyper, 22 year old from New York City. My blog consists of Han Geng and K-POP.
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"The pen explosion signature"


READ IT ALL!! ((Scroll down to ‘***’ for my experience in the little room with him))

Okay, so after i had some lunch at ASSA with the wonderful Zara and Neysa… we made our way to the venue! We got there and there was a LONG que (luckily we new a few people who were close to the front xD). I was freaking out cos we got interviewed by these cute Chinese men and they sa

id they would show Hangeng… so i said he should come to my house next time and i will make him tea and scones… if he wants ><. Also freaked out cos my sister Jess and Kloe were running late so i thought we would be the last to go in… but luckily they hurried up and we got in pretty much straight away! They was letting people in 10 at a time and reminding us to keep calm (even though everyone pretty much looked calm lol). 
We waited for about 5 minutes before they let us go up the stairs to wait buy the entrance doors.. the place was so pretty and posh! We all sat down and i was 5 rows from the stage in the middle. We realised we still had an hour left before everything started. I got out my notebook and asked Jess to write ‘Hangeng I love you’ in Chinese because she is better than me *sob*. The Chinese girls sitting in front of us (they were all ELF) asked us how we knew him and all these questions and we made friends cos they were really nice :D. There was about 7 of us that were non-Asian in a row so we thought he would hopefully look in our direction as we all had LITTLE signs with his name on. 

Finally, after waiting nearly 2 hours, this really pretty Chinese and English girl came on then introduced all the people who would be speaking. There was a little fashion show thing, and everyone clapped and took pictures and everything was really nice. About 4 people talked about how Chinese students can succeed here in England, and it was all really cute. Again the 2 people came out and was talking about Hangeng and i was shaking so much because i realised that i was so close and would actually be listening to him speak about everything in his life :(. 
FINALLY, OMG, THE MOMENT EVERYONE WAS WAITING FOR…. HANGENG CAME ON THE STAGE!!! Had my sign and was crapping myself cos i thought i was going to throw up rainbows or something! He was so cute and smiled so much and was apparently being really funny (all the Chinese people were laughing). The only translations we had was a brief description of the things he was going to talk about, so a few times we asked the people in front of us what he said! I was watching him and taking a few pictures while trying to hold my sign (he noticed it a few times, and looked in our area a lot) .. then BAM….. the slide was talking about his times in Korea!! I thought i was gonna cry and could feel my eyes welling up, before i knew it i was actually sobbing, and some people was looking at me, like i was a freak (don’t blame them tbh) D:, saw Jess cry a little so i didn’t care! but then i was wiping my face and i looked up and he was looking at me. So i covered my face with the sign and wiped my stupid tears away! He sounded as if he was going to cry because he had to pause and clear his throat a lot, which made me want to cry again! As his speech progressed and i composed myself some cute pictures came on the slide and he was being funny and cute and perfect and laughing and wow! 

Just before he asked if people had questions, there was a silence. Jess filled the silence by shouting ‘WO AI NI MA’ i don’t actually know why but i shouted after cos it was just a reaction to what she did and people laughed. He imitated her but he said it differently.. maybe she said it weirdly i don’t even remember LOL… then he said her pronunciation was really good and she replied with a thank you and he said thanks. We was dying at this point! People asked questions and he answered. He sung happy birthday to one girl and another girl said she learnt Chinese because of him and he seemed really touched. We asked the guy that worked there if we could ask to give him some presents and he said you can do it after. 

***After the questions he then said goodbye :’(! We found the man that said we could give him presents and he said it was limited number of people only… i was like fml! Jess and Rida had presents and a letter and was allowed to go through.. nearly cried cos wasn’t allowed. In the end the women said if you are a fan wait and we could go in one by one… there was a lot of people tbh. We walked through some doors into this corridor and then she said ‘if you don’t have a present you are not allowed in’ … my heart actually sunk so i asked my friend we made if she could write a message in Chinese for me on the back of my sign. I said i had a letter so she pulled me to the front… I was like.. O_O.. gonna see him up close holy shit…! So i was at the front after my sister came out and said she gave him her self written Chinese letter (aw) she realised she forgot to ask him to sign the album! I was next to go in and the HAWT Chinese guy was reading my letter as i was holding it and he laughed! I got told to calm down even though i was standing silently .. OK! I walked to the entrance of the room and some TAAAAAAAAALL black guy was like are you okay and i replied ’ not really, i think i’m gonna cry’ and he laughed and said its okay calm down and go in! 
I went in……………………….…. HOLY MOTHER OF FUCKING GOD!!! He was like an angel trying to steal my soul! Some girl was in front of me and she looked like she was gonna cry so i turned from looking at Hangeng and was staring at the wall fanning myself cos i swear i was gonna burst out crying! …… it was my turn! I stood in front of the perfect human being and i couldn’t walk anymore and i just stood there trying to compose myself! The woman asked if i was OK because i was just fanning my eyes… and i said ‘no i’m sorry but i think i might cry’. she and some of the camera men laughed and she said something to Hangeng and he stood there and shook out his hand and body and said ‘it’s okay’ to me, trying to relax me i guess. THEN…HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT…… he stepped forward and said something in Chinese.. fuck knows what he said i don’t care…. he fanned my eyes a bit and started playing with my scarf around my neck.. he was moving it and making it straight and then he squashed my cheeks gently with my scarf *_____________* i reacted like an idiot and kinda shook my body and faintly squealed cos HANGENG JUST PLAYED WITH MY SCARF like really omg. The guy standing next to Geng said something with his hand over his face laughing and i think he said cute but i’m not too sure. After, the woman said is there anything you wanna say and i will translate.. so i said ‘wo ai ni ma’ and he bowed and laughed and said ‘sheh sheh’ (i don’t know how to write it in Chinese) so i bowed too.. i nearly left but then remembered i had the letter and the album for him to sign! So i gave him the letter and he made some sound… like ‘Ohhh wow’, cos maybe he recognised the sign i was holding throughout the speech. I asked her if i can hug him… she said no sorry lol. Then i gave him the album to sign and a silver permanent marker. He started to write but it didn’t work properly so he pushed down hard and the ink all exploded out of the pen!!! He was like ‘WOAH’ and i said i am sorry and he said ok *then laughed*. He signed it and i bowed and he bowed deeply and then i left the room! As soon as i left i cried like a bitch!!!!!!!!!. As i am writing this my scarf is still on me and i haven’t moved the position of it!

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